Haikaburi Kusabanae

Pottery & Porcelain


This Haikaburi plate is surprisingly elegant and unique design. Haikaburi means that a vessel is slowly covered on ash powder and it makes a natural pattern in the kiln during firing.
Most of artists don't often paint it to keep the warmth texture of clay. But she found a new idea of delicate painting on smooth clay and the beginning of a new adventure.

She makes glazes of pure gold and silver by herself and draws the patterns with high techniques. Therefore the color changes attractively over time, and you will find wabisabi like antique. (This plant is silver grass called Susuki in Japanese.)

clay, pure gold and silver


She has accumulated experience at Kyoyaki studio for more than 30 years. She mostly uses Japanese traditional paint which is needed special craftsmanship. It is possible to express transparent and refined gradation. And this paint creates a dimensional effect to its motif. She has represented a sence of the seasons with a great sensitivity.