Haikaburi Urigata Hanaire

Pottery & Porcelain


This piece is naturally covered with glaze made from the ashes of a pine tree in a kiln during firing. The surface is very rough like a lava stone and shows quite unique when there are no flowers. This intricate color depends on fire and where to put in the kiln.
On the other hand, the impression changes gentle when putting a few flowers in it. It is looked like a landscape of a plateau.
It can be hung on the wall, thus you can enjoy it from every angle.


Artist Introduction

Nagamura has studied and worked for Tosai Sawamura Ⅲ for more than 10 years. Tosai creates exquisite and elegant works with his original high sense of beauty and great skilled techniques and his studio has a history of over 100 years in kyoto. She gets considerable experience to try to create the ideal KyoYaki pottery.

She loves plants and had studied Japanese painting at university, therefore she realistically expresses the momentary beauty of plants in her works.